About iBET Guide

The iBET Guide was founded in 2015 based on the core concept from iBET – More Than Winning,

to provide much more entertainment than online games,

which would support you to the world for giant nature.

iBET Guide dedicated to the promotion of world-wide tourism and local culture,

supported by iBET Entertainment Group, iBET Guide provides complete information for users.

Travel With US

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Said St. Augustine. And that’s how iBET Guide was created.

We create this to help those who love traveling to the best lead anytime anywhere.

From famous ancient sites to the foods in every lane as well as the exciting nightlife, we can cover all of these legend for you.

Come on! Let’s read this world together!

iBET Guide About

『Traveling, which could heal people’s mind and open up their viewpoints,

are great medicine for finding true meaning of life and test the greatest things in life.』

Why we are here?

Since we first founded the game platform we are dedicated to finding impossibility in possibility.

And this time we made a legend that no one has done before. The bridge we built between us and the players

are the base that we are the greatest online Macau, and we sincerely invite you to our new world to find the deepest happiness!

about Night culture


The information from iBET Guide contains tourism sites, foods, and night life recommendation from anywhere in south-east Asia.

The chosen iBET girls guides will plan a well-being experience for you as a memorable trip in your life.

You can just stay home and travel from time to time by your fingers. We seriously chose 8 of the pretties girls to help you exploring the wonderland!

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