As the first Maserati SUV since the foundation for century,

Levante S created by Maserati’s contemporary sense.

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Maserati First SUV – Levante S

Today iBET Beauty Agent – Miko come visit car exhibition and wish to see my target lately-The first SUV by Maserati in hundred years! It’s very expectable, isn’t it?! Come take a look at it!

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

First SUV in Maserati Family

The SUV Sports car Maserati Levante S is the first SUV of Maserati in hundred years since it was founded. Not only did it combine the luxury and high effect sports functions, also it was constructed by Maserati current design comcept from interior and outside look, which could represent the Maserati luxurious image and sports spirit

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Maserati Levante S Feautures

Miko think that the most obvious change of Maserati Levante S is that it’s front side become thicker instead of previous narrow front head. But the whole streamline is still good, the Drag Coefficient could be 0.31!

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Then it’s time for intelligent inside!8.4 inch Touch screen on the dashboard features Apple Car Play and Apple Siri personal AI, you can just say what you want when connecting to Apple iPhone 5S and above.

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Like many other models, Maserati Levante S are well-functioned with automatic settings, active cruise control with automatic idling stop function, front chase alert, automatic brake assist, lane shift warning, etc. Others like blind spot detection alerts, panorama photography, and electric tailgate, make your driving more safety!


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Maserati Levante S Exterior

Combine lots of sports car genes by the outside, and interior keeps the luxury of Maserati itself. Besides, the front side also keeps it’s special vents. The unbeatable Trident marks Maserati’s honor and luxurious image!

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Maserati Levante S Interior

When you look at interior set, you would see its all along honorable place and design:

  • 8.4 inches Maserati Touch Control Plus
  • Apple Car Play support audio and air conditioner
  • Chrome-plated clock, ergonomics sports seats, surround audio sound with 8 speakers
  • Front sport car seats with electroically adjusted 12 directions, Italy top leather and Radica wood plate
Maserati First SUV - Levante S
Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Maserati Levante S Power System

Levante  S need only 5.2 second to speed up 0-100km/h, and also with its exclusive sound from its motorized exhaust system to make driving more exciting!

Maserati First SUV - Levante S

Maserati Levante S Trunk

This Maserati sports SUV are Levante S and Levante S Luxury.  Levante’s storage is 580l under standard 5-seats condition. In other hand the seats can be forward adjust 6/4 to make it up to 1,614l.

Maserati Levante S Specifications

Length:5003 mm / Width (with side mirrors):2158 mm / Height:1679 mm

Wheelbase:3004 mm

Displacement:2979 cc

Engine Layout:V6

Max power:430 HP

Max speed:264  km/h

Acceleration:0-100 km/h: 5.2 sec

Consumption (combined cycle):10.9 l / 100 km

Price:Around MYR 95k up / RMB 1,478,000 up / IDR 2.9 milyar up

Maserati First SUV - Levante S


There are many customized options offered by Maserati Official,

Create your own Italian style!


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