Wearing Tom Ford customized suit, and a gorgeous OMEGA Divers

Of course, James Bond needs an insistent, exclusive ASTON MARTIN Coupe!

Build your sense of Gentlemen - Aston Martin DB11

Build your sense of Gentlemen – Aston Martin DB11

Lots of friends Miko love have said that they want to be 007 agency, wearing Tom Ford customized suit and have an OMEGA Diver on wrist, load on their guns with ease. After saving the world, they wish they could walk to Bond girl with a Martini. Of course, there’s an insist of James Bond exists in his high level – that’s an exclusive Aston Martin GT Sport Car!

Aston Martin and his connect to Gentlemen culture

The first Aston Martin DB5 was born with 007 agents in 1964 {Goldfinger}. And the first Sir Thomas Sean Connery to the sixth Daniel Wroughton Craig. And these years 007 movies are the reasons why Miko have such crush on Aston Martin!



In the latest movie【Spectre】, Doctor Q take James Bond to the end of secret base, and a whole new Aston Martin suddenly take all people’s eyes away.


The DB10 in the movie is the element made by Aston Martin, there are only 10 in the world! These days in the Christie’s auction there’s a movie property Aston Martin DB10 sold out in 2,434,500 pounds (about RMB 21 juta , MYR 14M, IDR 40 milyar) in this competitive auction. The income was all donated to the Doctors without Borders.

GT was Gran Turismo from Italy means grand travel or romantic travel. Miko was so attracted to this concept, it shows a free and nature mind. This time your auto iBET Beauty Agent – Miko come to this passionate Italy to feel astonishing style of Aston Martin DB11.


New tech aerodynamics fit-in

The whole new DB11 inherited DB9 and DB10 the car in 007 movie series. Not only the stunningly attractive outlook, Aston Martin itself invented their patented aerodynamics system to make driving more stable. The air flow first go in from arihole by the car side and give enough under pressure to the wheel arch. In the meantime through AeroBlade patent technique, the flow directed from hidden airhole of C-pillar creating enough down force to maintain the stability of the vehicle, making the DB11 stay on the greatest shape without overwhelmed tail.


Aston Martin DB11 the biggest feature is the well-developed engine. This petrol engine has a 5.2-liter V12 twin-turbo, power up to 608ps, with 8-speed manual transmission to achieve 0-100 km 3.9 seconds acceleration. Besides, the engine of Martin DB11 was completed by one technician, on the engine you could see the metal brand with real sign on it. And all the Aston Martin sign on DB11 was made by a jewelry maker, it’s very meticulous!

As into the Aston Martin DB11, Miko feels very comfortable! As Tony said, it would take a time for passenger to get used to the rolling sense of it. The human-computer interaction system use a 12-inch full LCD dial, of these Miko noticed that something out of satisfaction is the central controller cooperated with Daimler AG. It’s quite similar to Mercedes series, which makes Aston Martin’s elegance quite implicit.




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The interior design cooperates with more than 200 manufactures, the goal is to build an extreme luxurious atmosphere. And all the leather, veneer and sewing thread you can also create your own unique Aston Martin!


The Gran Turismo Italy means grand, romantic journey

Aston Martin DB11 completely embodies this idea.


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