MARINA BAY SANDS, where you’ll find the world’s highest rooftop infinity pool.

Recently, it has been a new landmark for its excellent location where you can get a Panoramic View of Singapore and bay scenery.

Singapore Casino – MARINA BAY SANDS Hotel

Singapore Casino – MARINA BAY SANDS Hotel

Hi, I’m iBET Beauty Agent – Jennifer. I have been appointed to Singapore with my colleague for a vacation and we also planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve there. The local partners of Aibo group helped us to check-in at the most famous resort hotel, Marina Bay Sands. We found out different kinds of recreational facilities here such as boutiques store, fancy restaurants, opera house, and the museum that combined with science and art and so on. It took us a half and a day to spend our leisure at this area, and then we visited the bay which is nearby our hotel on the third day of vacation. Now, let iGUIDE Jennifer introduce the entertainment at Marina Bay Sands for you guys.

Siloso Beach party

Siloso Beach party, a grand gathering of unprecedented size party, is the only beach New Year’s Eve celebration (31th December) in Singapore. Worldwide well-known DJs played non-stop POP music day and night. People danced in the 1000 square meter sized foam bubbled dance floor with non-stop POP music. The Siloso Beach party attracts thousands of people come here to join this event each year.


High Class resort hotel that meets all of your needs, a whole new landmark in Singapore

“There’s no way to set up any casinos in “Singapore if I am alive”, said former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew. The on-duty manager told us this strongly vows from Lee Kuan Yew when he was helping our check-in process. In the condition of improving economic policy and sightseeing income, however, the government still came to a compromise and made an efficient integration of gaming and sightseeing development. This great effort brings up the worldwide well-known hotel named Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is built by Las Vegas Sands Corp, this corporation has also built The Macao Venetian Casino that I’ve introduced before. The height of Marina Bay Sands is about 200 meters tall of these three connected buildings. There’s the world’s highest rooftop infinity pool located on 340 lengths Sky Park. It has been a new landmark recently, for its excellent location where you can get a panoramic view of Singapore and bay scene.




Let’s try your luck! Casino of MARINA BAY SANDS

Marina Bay Sands is also said a reset that never sleeps where always bustles with noise all day. Not only Singaporeans but also the foreign tourists all want to try their luck here. I could feel streams of people when I came to the casino first time at about 9:30 p.m. first time. To compare with casinos in Macau, the amount of crowd it’s quite different. Maybe the crowd is easy to be spread out by highly developed in Macau. Here are some gaming table games with dealers such as Baccarat (no commission), Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, Singapore Show Hand Poke, Money Wheel, Three Pictures, 7UP Baccarat¸ Texas hold’em Poker. Craps Simulation, Mini dice, 13 kinds of slot machines and so on. The tea and drinks are all free serving in the casino. The admission fee for local residents is 100SGD as for tourists can get entrance for free, no wonder the tourists all want to try their luck here.



MARINA BAY SANDS – Enjoy your beer and skittles, business needs or the culture of art here.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most recommended hotels if you are planning to take a trip to Singapore. With abundant recreational facilities and sightseeing spots, it’s also a good place to stay if your female companion doesn’t like to walk around so frequently during the vacation. Now, let me show you guys around!

Sky Park and infinity pool

The rooftop infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands has been selected as one of the top 10 global attractive spots by the New York Times. The pool lengths 150 meters and which is the highest outdoor swimming pool in the world.  You can get a panoramic view of Singapore and bay scene there no matter it’s day or night. By enjoying the moment with drinks, chats, and SPA, it’s so easy to get through a half day without any awareness.



There’s a big shopping mall on the first floor of Marina Bay Sands. We can find International brand products, souvenirs, jewelry and watches or even various kind of foreign restaurants to full your appetite once you get hungry. Especially the Singapore government sets up the regulation that the food court should be combined with types for Asians, Malaysians, Indians and other ethnicities, this is the most special policy that I have ever seen!



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We can see a white lotus shaped architecture beside the river just in front of that hotel, which is the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. Not only plenty of exhibitions are held in the museum but also short-term courses and lectures available. It goes without saying, this museum is a great place for families to spend their leisure time.


Moreover, the SuperTree located at Gardens by the Bay is another worthy visiting artificial spot for tourists. It can recycle rainwater and use solar energy in effective way, and we can enjoy the unique light show at night. This technical building is combined with green energy function and faction style.


The Spots and recreational facilities around MARINA BAY SANDS are quite abundant.  

You’ll have lots of fun here if long journey is not your type.


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