Thousands of Youngsters gather in Koh Phangan when Full Moon
This is Famous Full Moon Party in Koh Samui Thailand

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

Electronic Music Heaven –Full moon Party

After Siloso beach party, iBET iGUIDE – Lexi this time introduce you Koh Samui Full moon Party with beach and electronic music.


Full moon Party As Top 3 Rave Party with India Goa Beach Party Spanish Ibiza Party, the Thailand Full moon Party attracts more than 20,000 people every year to travel in Koh Samui Thailand. It was said to be originally just a birthday party of several teenagers, but they did it well so the local hotel encourage them to make it happen every year, so as the birth of first Full moon Party.

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

Follow iBET iGUIDE to the Full moon Party in Thailand Koh Phangan

When Lexi went Northern Thailand Travel, I heard people suggest the Full moon Party is the must-go in lifetime. It’s so popular that it’s hard to get one plane ticket and accommodation. With times of effort, Lexi today finally join Full moon Party with iBET Online Casino work partners!
Though the Full moon Party is on the Koh Samui but it’s accurate place is on a Koh Phangan island of several islands of Koh Samui. So we iGUIDE team need to go Koh Phangan together from Koh Samui main island.

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party


*Notice : You can get there in 20-30 minutes with speedboats. The entry permission costs THB 100 ( About RMB 20 / MYR 10 / IDR 35 ribu ) with a free wristband.
You can enjoy one time of picking up thanks to competitive market. Pre-order the ship tickets and VIP in case hours of waiting due to crowd.

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

Ecstasy to the Dawn – Full moon Party

There are so many stands around the beach when we arrived. The Thai cocktail is in a small barrel with spirits and non-alcohols. ( About THB 400 / RMB 80 / MYR 50 / IDR 135 ribu ) You can choose your own flavor or, in local saying, your own way of getting drunk.

Electronic Music Heaven –Full moon Party

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

Go to the main stage with your drinks and foods! There’s already in a crazy moment with DJs and electronic music that would burn all the beach! I’m so happy I can get crazy on this biggest electronic music party of Asia with dazzling lights and crowded atmosphere!

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

After that was the fire dancing show. Every dancer performed just like that’s their lives. From far distance, the fire show are like meteors in the dark sky.


*Notice : If you’re getting tired you can take rest at sofa area and sleep area. The sleep area is fenced especially with soft mistresses in there. You can sleep well inside without worry because there’s always guards around!

Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

The End of Full moon Party

When we left Koh Phangan reluctantly, it’s windy on the sea so the boat is like roller coaster flying up and down, making people on it crazy again. But Lexi sincerely recommend that you’d better take a night over on Koh Phangan because it’s hard to go back to main island with this kind of windy moment and it’s quite dangerous.
Electronic Music Heaven - Full moon Party

*Notice : Boat tickets from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan THB 300 ( About RMB 60 / MYR 35 / IDR 100 ribu ), but night boat with hotel shutter costs about THB 1000 ( RMB 200 / MYR 75 / IDR 350 ribu )

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Electronic Music Heaven –Full moon Party

Full moon Party Samui Thailand Information

Origin:Koh Phangan Haad Rin Nok ( Sunrise Beach )
Start time:2000, every Full Moon

There are different skin colors people gathering here, no country concern, just music, alcohol and crazy matter.


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