They want to immerse in the story of virtual world.

Which can experience the feeling of separate themselves from reality.


After decades of evolution, the flat-pannel display becomes thinner, wider and brighter which can show the most vivid visual experience. But it’s can’t make the video game players satisfied. They want to immerse in the story of virtual world which can experience the feeling of separate themselves from reality. Virtual Reality (abbreviate as VR) is invented to this purpose. In the end of 2016, the Sony PlayStation showed the First VR device, until now PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift is the top three brand of the VR market.

The VR can bring you to a brand new world of the visual experience.

The VR became a hot issue for a while. iBET Beauty Agent – Amber is not familiar for the VR’s structure and operation at first. So she thinks VR is very complicated. In fact VR is more easy to use than others. The main problem for VR device is whether you have enough space to use VR.

This time you can understand the characteristics from the main stream of VR devices by the introduction of William who is an otaku and the friend of  Amber. People who want to experience the VR’s special gadgets.  Must grab take this chance.



HTC VIVE’s excellent positioning technic can bring you the best feeling of reality

Although HTC and Vive have an unstable relationship, but it doesn’t affect the VIVE’s first place. Because VIVE’s product has a better hardware technic and cheaper price than others.


Lighthouse positioning technic

Vive announced which they can give video game players the best feeling of  reality, because it has an excellent laser positioner which can interact with VR and positioning your activity precisely. 


Steam platform the international exposition of video game

The Vive has to operate with PC and Players can use the Steam platform to set your Vive. Until now there are more than 400 VR games which can be choose for download.


Oculus Rift has long credential and has the most choice of video games

It’s well known in the funding platform for a long time and until now it’s the sixth reform. With more streamline shape, lighter, optical camera and infrared detector. These function enable Oculus Rift’s VR products to become most of the user favourite choice. 


The wide-ranging of software’s develop and application

Because it product develop early than others, so most soft companies is familiar for it’s hardware. Except the hot VR games, you can also use the software for education and technology and though simulator which can let you play the traditional video game with the VR.


The exclusive online store of Oculus

Oculus Rift has to operate with PC. Except it can match with Steam platform. The most important thing for Oculus is the exclusive online store which develop the exclusive games, films or software and maximizes your VR experience.


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PlayStation VR, the most economical solution for VR experience.

Sony are the well-known video game manufacturer shows its VR product at long last. You can use PlayStation to operate the VR device and enjoy your favorite game with other linked players.

Despite Sony has less VR game than others. But its cooperators will keep to develop the VR’s software. People who already have PS4 can experience its new product now.


Equipped with simple and light parts

Because The PlayStation’s VR devices is born to play game, So it’s helmet is lighter than others, but the abilities of resolution and positioning  is worse than others.


Powerful baking from many of the video game tycoons

Almost every game you can find in PlayStation. Because the Sony has a lot of stable partners such as Blizzard, Activision, Nintendo, EA, Namco, Konami, Ubisoft, SEGA which can develop the suitable game for PlayStation’s VR game.


PlayStation VR、HTC Vive、Oculus Rift Format Comparison

 All the VR companies has its own characteristics,

players can choose the suitable product depends on your request.


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