CARRERA watch origins from sports car classic

Made for professional drivers Chronograph

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

TAG HEUER Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

The moment is coming. Mainstream Swiss watch manufacture TAG Heuer officially announced the Calibre HEUER-02T (originally from CARRERA series) which also [price buster]. This watch has not only the tourbillon system and chronograph, though some leaks prior to the announcement. This time iBET Beauty Agent – Amber went for Basel to see the real one of the watch, it’s so amazing! I should let you know how attractive HEUER-02T is!

Never end Luxury Banquet – Baselworld

Across 6 time zones, more than 10 hours flight, we step on the beautiful Swiss land. More than 140,000 people from all over the world to this grand expo for watches and jewelries—the 99th BaselWorld.

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

Since 1917, the BaselWorld now has become a basestone of watches and jewelries and the most important fashion gadgets event. Among those magnificent exhibition rooms, you can see that the world in the upcoming year would take people to the top fashion. No wonder that there are more than 4,000 authoritative media gathered here to see these legend and innovation.

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T


This watch catches not only from the beginning it was announced, but the mainstream brands in Swiss are never announcing this common price tourbillon watches on the market. And the market would start to discuss whether this competitive price would ignore the needed quality of tourbillon and chronograph.

Amber was invited to the meeting room of TAG HEUER, welcomed us is the biggest surprise of Baselworld, my team and I cannot help but rush to the watch tray to see its beauty. Some of them even can’t wait to see in detail so take Carrera Heuer-02T from the tray. And because it’s men’s watch, I can only admire those lucky guys. And everyone was so stunned by its real look!

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

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HEUER-02T amazing legend

The most important feature of TAG HEUER Carrera series is that Jean-Claude Biver as a legend manager integrated supply chains of the TAG Heuer factories. The cases are featured on modular layout, this design broaden the possibilities for combination of material, color and surface layout. And it can be integrated effectively to low down the cost and reflect on the price.

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

Besides, Carrera Heuer 02T caliber made from TAG Heuer self-produced CH80 revised. Made from 5 titanium alloy, it’s quite light and shockproof. Amber also noticed that on the photo Heuer 02T tourbillon device is smaller than real one.

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

This time Heuer 02T tiny tourbillon is surely the results from TAG Heuer engineers. And smaller, lighter tourbillon could increase the effect of working frequency. With up to 65 hours power reservation and upcoming timing accuracy. More to be mentioned is that Heuer 02-T watches was authorized by COSC professional prove. The time accuracy is -4 to +6, which is quite a success for tourbillon watches because most of the watches perform not as expected.

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T


  • CASE: Diameter 45mm. Modular black titanium grade 5 and sapphire crystal ; Water resistant 100 meters.
  • Movement: TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 02 Tourbillon, automatic calibre. Certificated by COSC tourbillon timing function; Titanium metal and carbon fiber tourbillon baskets; more than 65 hours power reserve of the movement.
  • Dial: Black skeleton dial, chronograph minutes at 3 o’clock and hours at 9 o’clock
  • Strap: Black rubber-alligator strap.
  • Watch Warranty: 2 years International Warranty

TAG Heuer Killers Series Calibre HEUER-02T

Recommende price for above style (from left to right):

  • Black Phantom Titanium: RMB 150,000 / MYR 77k / IDR 290 juta
  • Golden Pink and titanium (gold pink watch fringe): RMB 160,000 / MYR 87k / IDR 320 juta
  • Titanium: RMB 110,000 / MYR 58k / IDR 220 juta
  • Golden Pink and titanium (ceramics watch fringe): RMB 140,000 / MYR 75k / IDR 280 juta

After seeing Carrera Heuer-02T, I have to admit that,

The engineers of TAG Heuer build amazingly a non-normal

Tourbillon watch with a normal price.


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