IGUIDE Automobile - Miko PROFILE

  • Nickname:Miko
  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • BWH: 32B 24 34
  • Likes: skiing, outing, and music

Hello~ I’m Your iBET Automobile Guider – Miko

Hello~I am Miko, I am glad to be a small car angel of love Bo guide! I am a advocating free Aquarius, like the pace of life unrestrained, but also for new things full of adventure, so I like the challenge . Learning skating, piano, modern dance and so on talent.



Climbing outing is also one of my interest, in addition to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the most important thing is to also allow tired heart to get appropriate relaxation and calm.

So my favorite color is the free sky blue, although we all say blue is the representative of depression, but Miko I think blue is a very gentle color, can make me feel very calm, very at ease.


“Enjoy the learning process, for me,

every fresh experience and try to make their own good opportunity to grow.”



The most likely favorite object is the personality of the sun steady, can lead me to grow up with the boys,

I think love is like this book, reading each other to enrich themselves, so that the two become better people!

Build a blueprint for the future, the establishment of a firm feeling ~

“As the iGUIDE Auto I will share the most hot new car information to everyone,

has participated in a lot of car show Show Girl, Miko, but I have studied many of

the latest models of information,did super many Homework Oh!

Hope that we can get the latest love Bo tour guide information, find their favorite car!”

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