• Nickname: La La
  • Horoscope: Scorpio
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • BWH: 32B 23.5 34
  • Likes: traveling, playing piano

Hello~ I’m Your iBET Attraction Guider – La La

Hello guys! I’m iGUIDE of tourists attractions—Lala! My horoscope is Scorpio, which is a passionate, friendly, emotionally open girl! My favorite thing is traveling everywhere, I would imagine myself as a curious cat when I’m exploring the world and hope to explore as much as I can!


Travel’s beyond Imagination

I love cool black and dream pink—which are completely opposite color! But I think it says that I’m sometimes like a sunny boy but sometimes like a shy girl!

I like to play piano in my free time and I love classic music like Mozart, Bach and many other composers. Every time I play the piano I would throw away all my worries!


“For me, traveling is the conditioner of life!

There are many interesting things for us to explore and visit.”


Travel’s beyond Viewpoints

My ideal mate could be mature or have beautiful eyes, who would be attractive to me! If there’s a man for me to depend on when traveling it would be great!

I love spicy and sour foods, I could just eat Kimchi or lemon as a meal!

And my favorite pet is dog! I think that dogs are the gifts from God to be loyal and keep with people for mind.

“And in the process of traveling,

you can not only train your mind but to open your viewpoints to embrace the world!

You are interested in those places worth visiting? Follow me and you would get more!”

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