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Greatest Fun in Macau – Golden Sauna

As last time Supreme Sauna, this time iGUIDE sauna – Dolly now is in Macau again!! I’m going to introduce you the Golden Sauna that also locates near Grand Lisboa, right on the business building across from the Hotel Fortuna. The shiny golden signboard stands well out from a dark night. Dolly now is with our sauna special agent – Martin to discover it for us! After experiencing Golden Sauna, Martin gladly said that it’s no doubt the Disneyland for adults!!




Golden Sauna – Supreme Service only here in Golden Sauna

Though the Golden Sauna is not that luxurious as other grand saunas in Macau, but it still stands out of competitive Macau Sauna with its delicate decoration and thoughtful services.
As Martine described, as soon as he walked in the Vietnam lady asked him of washing service which costs MOP 128 ( RMB 110 / MYR 70 / 200 ribu ) and it’s about 20-30 minutes service. You can choose seat washing or lying washing in rooms, which, as Martin emphasize, would be cleaner. After showering service, next in the lobby you can choose if you want shoulder or limbs massage, and there will be girls coming for price and service introducing.
Through Martine Dolly know that the girls of Golden Sauna only come from China and Vietnam but not Western, Japan or Korea. The girls are public relations group: MOP 1480 ( RMB 1,260 / MYR 810 / 2.5 juta ); beautiful Vietnams: MOP 1680 ( RMB 1,430 / MYR 910 / 2.7 juta ) ; models: MOP 1840 ( RMB 1,550 / MYR 1,000 / 3 juta ), and Shanghai, Chinese, Taiwan and Vietnam styles of massage.

*Notice : Buy Taiwan / Vietnam style and get one free personal service. Buy girl and Shanghai 45 min massage cost MOP 167 could down to MOP 450.



Golden Sauna – Hilarious Game win Pretty Girls

The girls line up is another featured game of Golden Sauna. As the music comes, you can see many girls walk out and play with guests flirting one by one. Some would even tell you her number that you can secretly choose her. In the end all the girls would line up for guests to choose.

*Notice : If you go at night you’d better get the sofa so that you could play the games. The girls are sometimes in chiffon, towel or small Thong. There will be group blowjob at 11:00pm from Sat. which is so spectacular!


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Golden Sauna – Professional Service make you Satisfied.

You can then take your chosen girl to the room. Martin said that the girl is so dedicated that she even demonstrated the position for showering. Of course normal service is needed. After the service, they chatted on the bed to end this satisfied day.


Golden Sauna Macau is worth a try both in reasonable price and games. If you want to experience sauna service, playing games and having great food, then Golden Sauna is your first choice!



Golden Sauna Macau Information

Open Hour:24 hrs

Address: 112, 86 R de Cantco, Macau

Phone: +853-28782123

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