Luxurious casino hotel in Macao,

Live as Parisian, just in Parisian Macao.

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction


When it comes to casinos in South Asia, first stop we drop by is – Macao! Apart from the acient monuments, it’s surely to visit the representative casinos in Macao! But there’s hundreds of casino there, where to go? Today iBET Beauty Agent – Jennifer take you to the newest one – Parisian! Let’s take a look at this gorgeous new casino!

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

Enjoy life like Parisian in Macao Parisian Casino

The first thing you see when you visit Parisian is the representative mimic Eiffel Tower! Macao Parisian is the new landmark based on vision of Mr. Sheldon G. Adelson to Cotai. The representative Eiffel Tower would become “city of lights” at night, there would be lighting show everynight to attract more eyes!

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction


You would be surprised by the hundreds game types of Macao Parisian. The Roulette and Baccarat tables are decorated nobly and colorfully.

The casino interior was designed as a huge space accommodating up to 500 tables including VIP rooms. No matter you’re fond of traditional Las Vegas dice games or the special games like Sic Bo, here in elegant Macao Parisian would satisfy you!

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

Special fortune for the slot game players! In Macao Parisian you can find more than 2500 slot machines, video pokers and other game machines all with newest themes but keep on their traditional style. No matter what your favorites are, Macao Parisian could meet up those needs of environment quality and service and of course, the outstandingly exciting games

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As many traditions, the casino rooms are not allowed to take photos!

Therefore Jennifer could only describe the exciting games with words.

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Apart from stunning buildings and fun casinos, the Macao Parisian has more than 2,900 hotel rooms. Among them more than ⅓ rooms are equipped with representative Eiffel Tower! You could have a great night here after having fun!

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

And if you or your spout are fond of shopping, there are famous Champs Elysees with more than 150 designers and vogue brands. When you walk on the Champs Elysees, there are street performances and French gardens.

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction
Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

Besides, you can feel your beautiful time in those elegant facilities like pool, maze or carousel, and you can spend some leisure time in the bars or French buildings~

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction
Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

If you’re travel Macao there for business, there are complete meeting rooms and facilities including Parisian Ballroom covering over 3,400 sq. meters.

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

Another feature that Jennifer wants to mention is the world-class water treatment center Le SPA’tique and the workout gym with complete equipments, outdoor swimming pool and Aqua World. With complete facilities and beautiful buildings, I feel just like in Paris!

Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction
Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

There is an indoor passengers bridge connecting Macao Parisian and seasons shopping mall to make tourists feel awesome in the amazing Macao Parisian.

Visitors could experience the world opera shows in The Parisian Theatre which could accommodated more than 1,200 guests.

Parisian Macao Profile

  • Open Hour: 24/7
  • Coverage: 135000 sq.ft
  • Phone:+853 2888 3388
  • Official
  • Facebook
  • Available games: Blackjack / Craps / Roulette / Baccarat / Slot machines / Video Poker / Electronic Tables / Sic Bo / Tai Sai
  • Open Date: 13, Sep 2016
  • Tables: 400
  • Game machines: 2500
  • Parking: Parking lots, Valet parking available
Macao Casino - Parisian Macao Introduction

This newly opened luxurious casino keep the concept of complete service for guests,

every building has its feature and theme and amusement facilities. You should never miss this world!


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