Glamorous Decoration with Amplify Lobby

Just like walk into Luxurious Ancient Palace

Macau Nightclub for Fancy Nightlife – Club 9

Macau Nightclub for Fancy Night Culture – Club 9

iBET Beauty Agent – Jing Jing finally got the chance to squeeze the amaze of Club 9 Macau this time come to Macao Travel with lobby receptionist. This nightclub called Club 9 Macau, it’s on the 5th floor of L’Arc Hotel Macau, in the center of Macau Peninsula NAPE, which is 5km away from the airport. On the way to Club 9 Macau, the taxi driver asked about us because there are so many celebrities love to go there.



Club 9 Macau – Amplifier Private Guesthouse

Club 9 Macau covering large with a big amount of spent, just stand outside you could feel its luxurious look. The lobby is so amazing that you would even think yourself in an ancient palace.

Besides, to meet the needs of nightlife entertainment of guests, the rooms here are independently special with various of styles. There are 40 rooms here and you would definitely stun by its huge space decorated with pianos, billiards, private restrooms, private bars and restaurants, etc. It couldn’t be more luxurious but there are still many reservations.




Heaven with hundred of Beauties – Club 9 Macau Macao

As the top-notch nightclub, Club 9 Macau Macao is not only famous for its luxury, the bar girls are all pretty than ever and were chosen strictly. Through chatting with them, iGUIDE Jing Jing  can see that their standard are higher than others no matters from their behavior, shape and talks are all professional just like international models. It said they were nightclub famous brands and selected by managers to Macao. No wonder you can experience such a special treat in Club 9 Macao Nightlife.



Shiny Stars from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China

Guests here in Club 9 Macau is a rather high rank or rich, basically prosperous tycoons from China or surrounding area. It said one big boss from Taiwan celebrated his birthday here with all VIP area(The VIP area is separated from normal area, there are 8 rooms in VIP area)with lots of stars!


L’Arc Hotel Macau – Club 9 Macau

TEL: 00853-8869 98888

Open Hour:16:00-04:00

Price:Rooms with wine about RMB 18,000 / MYR 12k / IDR 3.4 juta

Bar Girls about RMB 2,700 / MYR 1.7k / IDR 5 juta

Company Website:

Address:L’Arc Hotel Macau 5F, Avenida 24 de Junho, No.278, NAPE, Macau

Sweet Reminder:  it’s more convenient to go by public transportation. It only takes 20 minutes from the international airport to the hotel, and 10 minutes from port and transit crossing.

Guests here are a rather high ranking or rich, lots of stars are usually invited,

just like a grand award ceremony!


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