Enjoy the authentic Thai bath in Macao!

Hot Select – Macao Darling Sauna

Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage


Mentioned Macao best Thailand bath you should never miss Macao Darling Massage!

When it comes to the Macao great bath massage, iBET Beauty Agent – Dolly today would like to introduce you a great choice-Macao Darling Massage. There are two branches of it: Darling 1 is in the Macau Masters Hotel and Darling 2 is on the Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga.

Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage

This Sauna is the first one and biggest one in Macao, with lots of luxurious rooms and romantic beds, Darling Massage is famous for its special mirror rooms and great rooms. Every room has big bathtub for you to enjoy your silent moment and quality massage. No wonder it’s the best in Macao!

Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage


The chinese name of it was directly translated from Darling, which means my love!

“Darling Massage” is the oldest and biggest sauna in Macao. There are many VIP rooms with king beds, said to be the top choice for comfortable and romantic experience.

Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage

When you enter the room, you could see many mirrors on the wall. The biggest features is Thailand Massage, you could try “fishbowl” type of Thailand Massage. You could enjoy your Macao massage trip after choosing your preferred master.


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Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage

Enter The Darling Massage

The following is the test from Dolly’s best male friend, no conserved to show you all ~
The girls in Darling 1 are:

  • Chineses (normal and models)
  • Veitnam (normal)
  • Thailand (models and nornal)
  • western (models)。

Entering Darling, you would be served baverage menu first. And the agent would explain the consuming direction for you, later you could choose your massage master and girls. The girls quality is famous for their top services! Here you could experience the authentic Thailand bath. You could enjoy your private massage time in the massage room or watch the dancing show at the bar is also exciting!

What’s the different of Bath and Sauna?

There are little different of “bath” and “sauna” in ways and services.

The main is that Macao Sauna would ask guests clean theirselves first before asking services.

While Macao bath would ask for service and choose girls before bathing.

Besides, the bath is not allowed to stay overnight like sauna, you need to pay for your accommodation.

Macao Darling Massage No.1

  • Open Hour:seven days a week, 24hour
  • Address:3rd Floor Macau Masters Hotel, 162 Rua das Lorchas, Macau
  • Contact:+853 2872-6666
  • Service Price:
    • Star Model Style Massage(60min) – MOP 1,548 (around RMB 1,300 / MYR 865 / IDR 2,6 juta)
    • Take all Midnight(23:00~2:00) – MOP 1,910 (around RMB 1,600 / MYR 1,070 / IDR 3.2 juta )
  • Girl Price:
    • Common – RMB 1,600~1,900 / MYR 1,030~1,230 / IDR 3~3.6 juta
    • Model – RMB 1,300~1,500 / MYR 840~970 / IDR 2.5~2.9 juta
Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage

Macao Darling Massage No.2

  • Open Hour:seven days a week, 24hour
  • Address:B1,No.87-89 Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga, Macau
  • Contact:+853 2821 1919
  • Service Price:
    • Novice(90min,Free shuttle, snack) – MOP 988 (around RMB 830 / MYR 540 / IDR 1.6 juta )
    • Advanced – MOP 1,088 (around RMB 915 / MYR 590 / IDR 1.7 juta)
    • 2 Girls – MOP 1,488 (around RMB 1,250 / MYR 810 / IDR 2.4 juta)
    • 3Girls – MOP 1,988 (around RMB 1,670 / MYR 1,080 / IDR 3.2 juta)

Enjoy of Sauna - Macao Darling Massage

Dolly’s dude has a special remind:

The double girl service resist darling 1 and 2 with longer time and squirting twice!

But my dude thinks that girls in darling 2 are not that pretty so he recommend you double girl service here. If prefer single service then suggest darling 1 !


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