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Macau Most Popular Nightlife -Supreme Sauna

Macau Most Popular Night Culture -Supreme Sauna

Come visit Macau Travel again, iBET Beauty Agent – Dolly go deeply into Grand Lisboa with the determination of getting a super famous sauna. Into the lane, now I’m going to introduce you the Supreme Sauna at 5th floor of Hotel Fortuna Macau. Via iGUIDE Sauna Agent-Martin interviewing, we know that this place is the best to sweep out exhaust all over.


Supreme Sauna,Supreme Environment, Enjoyment And Service

In Macau Sauna, the Supreme Sauna covering more than 10 thousand sqmt with complete facilities like ice, warm and hot water pools, luxurious massage rooms and foot reflexive care rooms. In the giant relax room you could enjoy free internet and world soccer games, also catering and massage, sauna, etc. It could be a really supreme enjoyment and service.



Supreme Sauna service, falling in love with first try

With Martin, Dolly know that there are 9 service ways of sauna with various choices and prices.  When you walk in there would be server welcoming you and taking you to change clothe. You would have your own locker so don’t worry about your belongings. The shower area you could enjoy TV program and girl washing service (MOP 198, about RMB 170 / MYR 110 / IDR 350 ribu). It’s actually showering service with complete service! When Martin mentioned this I could see his flirting smile.


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Pretty Models worldwide for you to choose

After whasing, you could see sofa area, TVs, several computers and food area when you walk out from shower room. If you’re not for these service then you can directly jump into the point – choosing girls. But there’s no girl show, they would come when you need them.

 *Notice: Martin said that there are about 20 models in Supreme Sauna from Europe, Asia and Africa. Not as many as others but all are cute and well-shape definitely strictly chosen, but sauna manager told Martin that although the wild cats in Supreme Sauna are from Russia, but compared to China girls their service are not that good.

After choosing the girl Martin walk into the room, he just lied on the bed and enjoyed the Body Massage!

Macau Most Popular Nightlife -Supreme Sauna

● The price have to add 5% tax for government.


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