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Jalan Alor Street, Wong Ah Wah Restaurant

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant – Jalan Alor Malaysia

Last time we introduce Pasar Air Itam Laksa near Kik Lok Temple, I guess you might be interested in Malaysia local food! This time iBET Beauty Agent – Wei Wei is going to take you to a food heaven – Jalan Alor market to find something delicious! Follow me!

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor

People traveling Malaysia would mostly have a food plan in Jalan Alor street. This street is covered by restaurants and food stands. This time we’re going to visit one of the hottest one – Wong Ah Wah Restaurant! Even my Malaysian friends recommended this quality and even price restaurants, you might know how popular it is!

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant – Must Eating

There are many food stands. It opened from evening till midnight. Foreign tourists and local people love having their dinner here. In such a popular street, Wong Ah Wah Restaurant is no doubt full of people all times. But Wei Wei came from peak time so I can enjoy it without effort. You can choose three of them, they’re all same.

  • Hokkien mee:MYR 16 / RMB 25 / IDR 48 ribu

It’s actually not Fu Jien dish but invented by Malaysian. This dish is made by sweet soysauce and noodles, with dark color. Ingrediences are meats, squid and some like bread dough. It’s a little bit thick and sweet.

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Satai:MYR 1 / RMB 2 / IDR 3 ribu per

10 sticks in my plate with a Satai sauce, it’s the key subject! A little nuts sweet and eat with cucumber, it’s like taste from heaven! Recommed most is chicken, such tender texture!

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings:MYR 3 / RMB 5 / IDR 9 ribu per

Wings were grilled by carbon to crispy outer, it’s not decorated with any sauce but to taste the original of wings. All works done by people to make it the best wings ever! You can taste the real juicy inside and crispy outside! It’s really tasty!

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Lime Juice and Coconut Juice:

    Lime Juice is sweet and sour with some plums inside, it’s very brain-awakening!

    Coconut juice is a whole complete coconut and drill a hole to drink inside. You can even slice the coconut flesh! Wei Wei is coconut-twisted girl I would never miss it surely!


Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Kam Heong Sotong:MYR 15 / RMB 23 / IDR 45 ribu per

    Have no idea what Sotong means! After seeing this did I know it’s squid! The Kam Heong Sotong is made from fried squid with salted eggs. It’s really tasty because it combines the sweet and salt taste of squid with salted eggs sauce which is sandy-texture, surpricingly match!
Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Barbequed Stingray:Market Price

    After grilled chicken wings, the Portugal Barbeque Stingray is also famous! First cover it by banana leaf and add some Turmeric sauce and grill.
Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
  • Prawn:Market Price

    At last! This Prawn is very favorited by Wei~ The shrimp paste and inside are all good! The price would depend on the season but you can have it within your budget.
Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor

Wong Ah Wah – Malaysia Eating Cultural

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant is local restaurant so the server might not so polite to you, when busy they would sometimes lose their patience. Besides, the menu is not noted with price so you can ask server for sure.

There are wet napkin on the table but it’s charged! About RM0.7 per person. Remember to refund if you didn’t use or it might cause some problem!

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant Profile

Wong Ah Wah Restaurant

Open Hour:17:00~03:45 close every other Monday

Phone:+603-2144- 2463

Address:1, Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



15 minutes walk from KL Monorail Bukit Bintang Station

5 minutes walk West South from LRT Bukit Bintang / 5minutes walk West North from LRT Imbi


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Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Jalan Alor
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