In our reserved private room,

Like a mansion with entertainment facilities.

The Heaven of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur - Bintang Palace

The Heaven of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur – Bintang Palace

“Palace” could be a familiar name for you as a Chinese who visit Malaysian nightclubs a lot. The most famous branch is in Beijing, China where many nation leaders and officials love to be.

This time iBET Beauty Agent – Jing would discover the “Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub” with iBET client. Of course, not all the nightclubs called “Palace” are relative! Probably this name is so perfect for the feels in nightclubs!


First choice for Malaysia business celebrities – Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub

This time we were invited to a birthday party with iBET seniors by clients who would also travel Malaysia with us. There were so many business tycoons in the party. These VVIP are not only invited there to give some speeches but also some were mentioned with a great amount of donation. After the party, here came a giant person said to be a Datuk (in Malaysia usually refers to leaders or honorable people), but he’s so silent. But what we didn’t expect is that he has already reserved a big room in Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub for everyone to have fun there, all the people were so exciting, seems like an favored place!

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Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub- Gorgeous, delicate and sophisticated reception center

Once you get into the Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub, the receptionists has lined up there to welcome you in a grant atmosphere. Then we experience its elegant design when we travel to our private room. First we took elevator to the 3rd floor and right downside the stair to whether 2nd floor I can not recognized, last we arrived our room through a long corridor like a cave of silken web. After being explained I knew that this kind of structure was designed to meet the sudden check. Such an explicit profession no wonder there are so many Malaysia nightclub loyal guests!

In our reserved private room, I was shocked by the spacious and gorgeous place, it’s just like a mansion with entertainment facilities: bars, billiard tables, TVs with Karaoke. Jing Jing didn’t feel boring at all!




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Heaven of Men – Malaysia Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub

There are rumor saying that the bargirls in Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub are quite good, after seeing the truth I could also assure their good quality. Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub also puts great emphasis on choosing the girls, in general they would select Malaysian girl or Chinese girl. They have local work right so basically if they are all legal service it’s safe.

The guests in Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub are so gentle as well, not as impolite as movie said. Jing Jing also heard about some famous stars of Hong Kong and Taiwan are usual comers here. You could tell the fame of Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub in entertainment field!



Malaysia Bintang Palace Nightclub Information

Adress:No. 1, Jalan Walter Grenier,

Wilayah Persekutuan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone Number:+60 3 2134 2222

Open:19:00 – 03:00



Some famous stars of Hong Kong and Taiwan are usual comers here.

You could tell the fame of Bintang Palace Exclusive Nightclub in entertainment


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