Biggest nightclub in Asia

Grand stage with Pretty girls makes you excited

Biggest nightclub in Asia – Xiamen Beauty Club

Biggest nightclub in Asia – Xiamen Beauty Club

Today iBET Beauty Agent – Jing Jing and iBET VIP guest – Tommy come to visit Xiamen Mingfa commercial square where is always crowded. The Xiamen Beauty International Club in the Mingfa commercial square in city center is of course the most famous nightclub. iGUIDER Jing Jing highly recommend this place to you.



Xiamen Beauty International Club – Big Building, Many Beauties

Xiamen Beauty International Club as the leading nightclub of Asia, covering 25,000 sqm, it is said that the rooms could only be reach by golf carts. There are almost 200 closed rooms here and a performance hall accommodating up to thousands of people.  The dome building as national music hall lets you see clearly even sit in the room at three floor. The girls in Xiamen Beauty International Club are from nationwide of China, almost 3,000. Each turn will present 10 girls and it could took up to 300 turns to finish the enjoyment.


Xiamen Beauty International Club -Beautiful girls with Great talents

Though Jing Jing has seen so many nightclubs, I just stunned by Xiamen Beauty International Club like old woman visiting great city. Tommy started to browse those girls by “video” on the stage when we get into the private room by golf carts.


Tommy said that there are too many girls that they would be teamed as like “North-East” or “Hunan” are regionally separated. Girls from different region have their own characters. For example, “North-East” can drink much than you think; “Hunan” speaks tenderly; and “Sichuan“ has white skin and great voice.


The stage was full of performing girls at 11 pm with “Model Team”, “Dancing Team”,“Singing Team” as an finale. As said they should drink with guests and perform well, The girls need to practice dancing and catwalking everyday after working.

Tommy said that you can choose the girls to showing in front of you or the girls performing on the stage to drink with you in the room. Remember the number of the girl you like and send her flowers through waiters, she would come to you if more than 3 flowers.

*Notice: Apart from “flowers”, you can send “Angle” or “Crown”. In Xiamen Beauty International Club, a flower is equal to RMB 100 (About MYR 61 / IDR 160 ribu ) ; and Angle is RMB 5,000 (About MYR 3k / IDR 8 juta ) ; and a Crown is RMB 10,000 ( MYR 6k / IDR 16 juta )



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Dreaming Nightlife – Xiamen Beauty International Club

Xiamen Beauty International Club stands still as the biggest nightclub of Asia with its great planned performance and beautiful talented girls, lots of famous people and businessmen love to visit. A bottle wine costing thousand stands on their table in a line; tips up to RMB 5,000 are very commons here as the girls playing games with guests. Even the waiters get the bonuses are not rare in Xiamen Beauty International Club.


Just like Tommy said, you can chat with a model with RMB300, and they are almost not common like graduators from Beijing Dancing Academy, and some are local singers even with advertisement experience.  it’s no wonder that so many celebrities and tycoons love to spend their time here, and makes Xiamen Beauty International Club the must-go site when visiting Xiamen.

Xiamen Beauty International Club - Price List

Drinking Fee:All night RMB 1,000 ( about MYR 600 / IDR 2 juta )

Girls Features:All over China

Available Services:Performance, Catwalks

Take-out Fee:As normal market charge RMB 6,000 ( 约MYR 4k / IDR 10 juta )

TEL: +86 18559317515

Address: Xiahe Road and Lianqian Road Interchange, Siming Qu, Xiamen Shi, Fujian Province, China, 361004

Biggest nightclub in Asia – Xiamen Beauty Club


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