Jinguashi in Jiufen is known as the top golden city in Eastern Asia,

it also owns a dreamlike calling- The homeland of gold.

It was a paradise of gold-diggers,

now it’s a famous attraction with rich history and culture.

Taiwan travel – Taipei Jiufen old street, Jinguashi

Taiwan travel – Taipei Jiufen old street, Jinguashi

Today, iBET Beauty Agent Lala and iBET Beauty Agent Weiwei, both visit Ruifang in New Taipei City, Taiwan for a two-day light trip in Jiufen old street and Jinguashi. iGUIDE Lala always passes through Jiufen Old Street in a hurry across without taking a deeply travel here, even she considers herself is really similar with this area. Eventually, she gets a chance to enjoy this beautiful mountain town with rich history and culture, and also can taste food of Jiufen. What a unique travel experience it will be!  



Traveling the irresistible attraction from Taiwan Jiufen Old Street.

The first can’t miss sightseeing spot for foreign travel in Taiwan must be Jiufen Old Street, the unique vintage architects that are hiding in hillside fields. Not only look like the bathing-room senses from the film “Spirited Away” by director Hayao Miyazaki, but also attracts a lot of media industries to take senses here. All incentives mentioned above are reasons that make Jiufen Old Street a really famous attractions in Taiwan.  


There are several main streets on Jiufen Old Street, by being branched some paths that usually consists of ups and downs stairs to connect the undulate landform of the mountain town. There are plenty of well-decorated stores on the Jiufen Old Street that can satisfy both your appetite and entertainment requests. The residents also make some easy or costly stylish decorations on their own houses that present vintage and classical style. Regarding to great effort from the residents, you’ll feel like you’re in a total different world when visiting here.



In Lala’s point of view, it’s suggested to stay at Jiufen all day long.

You’ll find out the scene is being changed gradually with sun sets that will bring you a different landscape of Jiufen. It’s a big attraction, isn’t it?


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Gold Rushing Years in Jinguashi

It goes without saying to have Jinguashi come to my mind when I arrived at Jiufen. The Mountain of Jinguashi looks like a pumpkin, and the pronunciation of pumpkin sounds similar with”jingua” in Taiwanese. So, this is the origin of Jinguashi’s name comes from. Jinguashi is nearby Jiufen, the public transportation is quite convenient ( It costs TWD 15 / about RMB 3 / MYR 2 / IDR 5 ribu by bus ), we recommend you to visit these two spots together.


Jinguashi was a famous gold mining area in north Taiwan; the old gold mining area had been developed as “Jiufen Goldore Museum”. There are some theme facilities including environment building, Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet、Jinguashi Shinto Shrine、Benshan No.5 Tunnel、Four Joined of Japanese-Style Residence and so on. It donesn’t charge any fee to get entrance in the museum and don’t forget to experience Gold Refining activity here. You can not only learn the history and culture of Jinguashi here, but it’s also a good budget to visit

Jiufen Goldore Museum Visitor Information

Address:No.66, Shipi Ln., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 224


  • Mon. – Fri. : 9:00 – 17:00
  • Sat. & Sun. : 9:30 – 18:00

Fee:Free entrance. Benshan No.5 Tunnel Experience charges TWD 50 (about RMB 10 / MYR 7 / IDR 18 ribu), Old panning experience TWD 100 (about RMB 20 / MYR 14 / IDR 36 ribu)

Website: http://www.gep.ntpc.gov.tw/

The treasure of Jiufen Goldore Museum- gold999 block weights 220kg


If you are curious which the most attractive attractions spot of Jinguashi for me, it will be the treasure of Jiufen Goldore Museum- the 220kg pure gold block that breaks the world record. Here goes the opening slogan of Jiufen Goldore Museum, you can bring this big gold block home as long as you can carry it! It’s obviously to see the owner runs the museum in people oriented way, you’re allowed to touch it, pat it or even touch it! Let’s give it a try!   


Adagio, the hidden cottage in the mountain town of Jinguashi

To compare with Jiufen, the population is much less in Jinguashi. Due to the influence of lacking development and commercialize that attracts many artists to live here. Even more and more “minshuku” start their business here. Let’s find your ideal “minshuku” and spend a night in the natural environment in Jinguashi.


Lala is going to recommend Adagio for you, it is located in the mountain with slow speed, leisure, comfortable atmosphere. You’ll feel the happiness fulfils your heart once staying here. Despite of having early mining style creative cuisine here, you can also set up for a light adventure by walking among the small path beside Adagio.


A greeting with essential oil smell once you step your room, come with great service, neared room, creative cuisine and awesome housekeeper service. You’ll retreat with a whole body releasing by staying one night here.

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