Sun Moon Lake,

a famous sightseeing spot with beautiful scene and humanities culture in Taiwan.

A must visit spot – Taiwan Nantou Sun Moon Lake

After taking a trip to Jiufen in northern Taiwan last time, iBET Beauty Agent Lala is going to introduce a  famous Taiwan travel sightseeing spot which is called Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. 


Sun Moon Lake, Nantou –a must visit sightseeing spot in central Taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake is located in central Taiwan, which is crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan. The Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural alpine lake in Taiwan with rapidly changed scenes, that’s why Sun Moon Lake has been one of Lala’s favorite traveling spot.


There’re some selections to browse the lake by boat, it usually takes about 2 hour per tour if you rent Rowing Boats at the harbor, and it’s a good choice to enjoy the scene of Sun Moon Lake with your companions. Or, you can also buy a One-Day Pass ticket take shuttle boats to visit all of the tourist attractions, which is valid for unlimited tours from the first use until the end of service in a single day. It costs about NT$ 100 (about RMB 20 / MYR 15 / IDR 35 ribu) for each person, the schedule is about 30mins to 60mins per boat.  

*Notice  : There are several companies run their shuttle boats business here, the tickets are not interchangeable and the price is quite messy. Some of them even cost TWD 300 (about RMB 60 / MYR 45 / IDR 105 ribu) for one ticket, thus there’s a big range for bargain. Lala suggests you to make some survey before you start your lake cruising.



There are 14 lakeside trails in Sun Moon Lake, some of them are built along the lake and the others make extension besides the mountain.  One of them called “The Holy Mountain in Sun Moon Lake”named Shueishe Lakeside Trail, which is allowing people to observe the lake close-up.  It is the spiritual indicator for Sun Moon Lake.




The lake cycling trail has been recognized by CNNGO, CNN as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world. It is the only bicycle trail above the river in Taiwan, this is the most recommend for having a bicycle riding in Sun Moon Lake by iGUIDE Lala.



漫画08同心桥 這段路有兩座白色的情人橋名為「永結橋」、「同心橋」,是來此約會的情侶必騎的路線,騎完包準「永結同心」(笑)

漫画05爱心凉亭,懸空的設計 一覽無遺欣賞日月潭

When you’re having a bicycle tour, you’ll pass through Waterfront Wedding Square, TongXin Bridge, YangJie Bridge. Heart shaped gazebo. It’s leisurely to enjoy the beauty scene of Sun Moon Lake.


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Surrounding Sun Moon Lake, Xiangshan Visitor Center

When you reach the top floor of the building, a lovely views of Sun-Moon Lake can be seen. Or you can have a rest at the café with big French windows, but you better be prepared it’s difficult to get a seat on weekends.


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When you reach the top floor of the building, you will receive lovely views of Sun-Moon Lake.  Or you can have a rest at the café with big French windows, but you better be prepared it’s difficult to get a seat on weekends.

Xiangshan Visitor Center

Address: No. 599, Zhongshan Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan (Postal Code: 555)

TEL: +8864 9285 5668

Open time: Weekdays – 09:00 A.M. – 17:00 P.M. / Weekends – 09:00 A.M. – 17:30 P.M.


Exciting central Taiwan – The annual grand event series of Sun Moon Lake

As a hot worldwide-famous scenic spot in Taiwan, the events will be held attract tourists. Among these events, the greatest of them would be the following mentioned; Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake and National Water Fireworks Festival. These events makes Sun Moon Lake whole year full with wonderful events.



The beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake is the most favorite part for Lala. This time I specially recommend hotels which are among of the lake where you can also enjoy the view of lake. As for Fuli Hot Spring Resort, you’ll have the landscape of mountain for your eyes. You can make choices up to your desire.

Recommend accommodation in Sun Moon Lake

The Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake

The former site for the resort was the renowned accommodation for Mr. Chiang Kai-Shek. The facilities as well as six stars service quality are presented to every guest paying a visit here.

(Single-bed room for one night costs NTD 17,600up/ about RMB 3,700 / MYR 2k / IDR 6 juta)

The Lalu Hotel,Ltd.

The former site for the hotel was the accommodation for Mr. Chiang Kai-Shek, with historical culture and modern art designed high quality resort hotel.

(Single-bed room for one night costs NTD 15,620up/ about RMB 3,300 / MYR 2k / IDR 6 juta)

Sun Moon Lake Hotel

The hotel is just located besides the most beautiful top ten cycling trails in the world, do not miss the beautiful sunrise here.

(Single-bed room for one night costs NTD 8,000up/ about RMB 1,700 / MYR 1k / IDR 3 juta)

Fuli Hot Spring Resort

The hotel is just nearby the entrance of Maolan Mountain, it is close to Shueishe Harbor.

(Single-bed room for one night costs NTD 12,000up/ about RMB 2,560 / MYR 1.5k / IDR 4 juta)

Spa Home Sun Moon Lake Luxury Lakeside HotelPA HOME

The hotel is nearby the Shueishe Harbor, stay with the most beautiful scenic of Sun Moon Lake.

(Single-bed room for one night costs NTD 7,800up/ about RMB 1,700 / MYR 1k / IDR 3 juta)

There are so many place to explore in Sun Moon Lake,

Lala suggests you to set off on your own,can bring your camera to take shots of the beautiful scenic!


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