Room 18 usually invites top DJs worldwide to hold a crazy night.

They are famous for their music and high sense!

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

The nights of Friday are always beautiful than any other. Today Lexi is here in this beautiful Friday, with this top-notch nightclub in Taipei-Room 18!! This nightclub is in the Neo 19 building in XingYi District, which is a representative and famous of all in Taiwan clubbing. This Room 18 contains lots of music elements like Hip Hop, R&B, vintage, pop, funk or non-mainstream. They also invite famous DJs from all over the world to give performance!

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

Taipei nightclubs Lead

Room 18 are always called “18 room” by Taiwanese, apart from normal players, room 18 also attracts famous stars like Patty Hou (Taiwanese star) to celebrate her birthday there. Some would say that if you wanna know how hot a star be, just see what happen when he’s in Room 18! Those super star could enter free recognized by bodyguards.


Room 18 opens at 10:30p.m. but when Lexi came at 11, the queue was lining at the entry.

You would feel totally different when you walk in, it seems like another world! It mainly two sides: the bar and dance floor at the entry. BTW, the bartenders were all selected strictly.

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

Room 18 interior

There are two halls of Room 18: Room 18 and 18 Lover: one’s for House electronic music and the other is for Hip Hop. You can enjoy both side with one ticket.

Alone the stairs you could meet 18 Lover. In here you would be stunned with splendid lights and stages in dark space. The sofa area is covered by climb rattan on the scaffolding, with abstract art background to attract people. Here you could enjoy in electronic music and gossip world.

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

In general, Room 18 receptionists are all well, and the space could let you reach the wine easily without been stuck by crowds because of the spaces of bar and dance floor. The price of Room 18 is little bit higher than others, so the customers are mostly non-students. And with its fame you can also see lots celebrities.

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Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei

Room 18 was separated by several areas. Not only dance floor, there are open sofas that were first designed to those first meet people; there are drinking area and Runway area for catwalk.

Room 18 consumption and activity

The biggest feature of Room 18 is their wines. First recommended is the Rum, Tequila, Pure Malt Whisky, and Brandy. All the wine could be served as glass or bottle. The best-sold would be classic cocktail and Depth Bomb. Though it’s so tiny but you can combine with the mouth-watering meals.

Room 18 Price:

※Single order, 10% service charge, room fee could combine entry tickets and wine

※Friday and Saturday NT 700 per person (about RMB 151 / MYR 98 / IDR 290 ribu), you could get 2 tickets for drink within NT 350.

Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday
Male NT 600

(about RMB 130 / MYR 84 / IDR 250 ribu)

NT 700

(about RMB 151 / MYR 98 / IDR 290 ribu)

Female NT 300
(aobut RMB 65 / MYR 42 / IDR 130 ribu)
Private Room
  • 8 pl NT 2,000
    (about RMB 430 / MYR 280 / IDR 850 ribu)
  • 10 pl NT 2,500
    (about RMB 540 / MYR 350 / IDR 1 juta)
  • 12 pl NT 3,000
    (about RMB 645 / MYR 420 / IDR 1.7 juta)

*All private room price above contains drinking unlimited but no entry tickets.

  • 10 pl NT 10,000
    (about RMB 2,160 / MYR 1.4k / IDR 42.4 juta)
  • 15 pl NT 15,000
    (about RMB 3,240 / MYR 2.1k / IDR 63.6 juta)
  • 20 pl NT 20,000
    (about RMB 4,320 / MYR 2.8k / IDR 84.8 juta)

*Single order private room contains guests and drinking discount

* Single order private room contains 10% service fee

Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei


This Room 18 is so famous that celebrities and stars often show up here!


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Shiny Stars – Room 18 Taipei