The Golden Jaguar is the prestigious name of Taiwan Nightclub,

and has been the famous spot in Taiwan!

Middle Taiwan Nightclub Direction – Golden Jaguar Taichung

Middle Taiwan Nightclub Direction – Golden Jaguar Taichung

The Golden Jaguar has been a well-known name of Taiwan nightclubs and even as a landmark of middle Taiwan. There are several branches of Golden Jaguar in Taichung, one famous is Paradise Yard. Their service contains hotel management, ballroom and salon three main items. This time iBET Beauty Agent – Jing Jing visit Jing Shan branch on Taiwan Blvd., as said it’s the biggest, newest facilities branch of all! This shiny building sticks to my memory everytime I travel to Taichung, eventually this time I can see it in person!

Middle Taiwan Nightclub Direction – Golden Jaguar Taichung

Golden Jaguar Taichung – Star shine landmark in unslept city

It’s late of the night, The Golden Jaguar parking service is surrounded by taxies. Jing Jing find a chance to chat with a driver, “The market collapse could even not be seen here! Every night it’s full of business people even those celebrities! I wonder if they know it’s bad economy now?”

Jing know that every leader would spend their cost on the critical moment, and those business leader spend their money here would exist some reasons!


The headquarter of The Golden Jaguar is on the Taiwan Blvd. (past Taichung Port Rd.) in Taichung City, you can obviously see the building at night with its twinkling outside decoration. We see this big monster in detail thanks to the vice manager Huang, he took us to know it more and said “We spend a lot to construct it not only to make our honor guests feel great in service but more important is the safety of the whole environment. So the Golden Jaguar passed the harsh safety examination to make consumers and employees feel great safe!


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Middle Taiwan Nightclub Direction – Golden Jaguar Taichung

Into The Golden Jaguar, there are 4 floors of it: 1st to 3rd floor is the ballroom, and especially 1F ballroom contains a big dance floor with open space and half open. And the Municipal Hotel in 2F and 3F is the KTV rooms. 4F is the high class Jing Shan Hotel KTV.

Golden Jaguar Taichung – Service and Price

When you come to The Golden Jaguar, right in your eyes is the main entrance. You can give your car to the parker safely park in the basement, free from outside torture. And into the hotel,

 Every single person charged TWD$500 (about RMB 107 / MYR 70 / IDR 210 ribu), excluded VIP room fee. If need barmaids, one per set (10 minutes) TWD$200 (about RMB 43 / MYR 27 / IDR 80 ribu), VIP private room charge not included. But if you would like to take any barmaid out from Golden Jaguar for photo taking or dining, it would cost TWD$2300 per hour (RMB 500 / MYR 320 / IDR 970 ribu)


VIP Room (2 hrs a set, overtime counted 1 hr) charged by set

2 hr Overtime charge
Small room TWD $ 1,600
about RMB 345 / MYR 230 / IDR 670 ribu
TWD $ 800

about RMB 170 / MYR 111 / IDR 330 ribu

Middle room TWD $ 2,000

about RMB 430 / MYR 280 / IDR 850 ribu

TWD $ 1,000

about RMB 215 / MYR 140 / IDR 430 ribu

Big room TWD $ 3,000

about RMB 645 / MYR 420 / IDR 1.3 juta

TWD $ 1,500

about RMB 324 / MYR 210 / IDR 630 ribu

King room TWD $ 4,000

about RMB 860 / MYR 560 / IDR 1.7 juta

TWD $ 2,000

about RMB 430 / MYR 280 / IDR 850 ribu


The Golden Jaguar take private charge system, which means the chosen barmaids are with you in whole consuming time, you could change at any time. Vice manager Huang also said that if you really want to take her out you can talk to her manager.

Finally when it’s time to leave, your barmaids would farewell you and the parker would send your car at the entrance. If you’re too drunk to drive, you can take taxi safely get home and the Golden Jaguar parker would send your car safely home, too.


  • Jing Jing sweet remind: No drunk drive, for your safety and your family’s.

The Golden Jaguar Taichung – Information

Golden Jaguar

Address:No.960, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone Number:+886 0977 119 119 / +886 4 2316 1000

Open Hours:PM 20:00-AM 05:00 (9 hours)

It only take 3 minutes drive from Zhong Gang interchange, you can see its neon at the Taiwan Blvd. and Wenxin Rd. intersection.


The Golden Jaguar Taichung is nearly full every night,

It’s the place where business tycoons to show their strength!


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